Out of Bark and Bone in its final creation phase!

30 August 2019


Out of Bark and Bone has begun its last phase of creation! To end the journey on a hight note, we will be in residency at the beautifull Notre-Dame-de-Grace Cultural Center. All our collaborators will be there to see that the last details are attended and the last week will be dedicated to lighting design with Stéphane Ménigot who has been there since the beginning! He also accompanied us last year during our tour in Algeria, which presented a 20-minute excerpt of this creation that has changed titles and directions since!

Out of Bark and Bone goes back to the essential vital forces that define our humanity and give shape to who we are fundamentally, beyond divisions, affiliations, ethnic groups and cultural identities. Voice, breath and rhythm constitute the canvas of the piece. The constant fleeting interactions between humans, locked up in themselves, bouncing within the limits of their own breath, encircled by others, trying to escape, are driven by the essential need to continually outgrow and emancipate from what was there before, individually or as a group.
Two musicians accompany six dancers on stage in this piece, created by the choreographer Roger Sinha in collaboration with the composer Katia Makdissi-Warren and the dancers. The perpetual inner rhythms of the bodies resonate with the deep sound of the didgeridoo and the steady beat of the drums in an effort to strip out the inessential. Humans and instruments communicate, sustained by the breath. Almost otherworldly throat sounds, coming from the depths of bodies, heavy with ancestry, get intertwined with the rhythmic projection of the human speech, fused within in the constant circular tones of the didgeridoo. 

Here’s a duo by Benoit Leduc and David Campbell on the composition named E-Razed from OktoEcho’s Saimaniq album, presented at the Maison de la culture Ahuntsic in April 2018!

Out of Bark and Bone, counts amongst its most important collaborators the innovative composer Katia Makdissi-Warren. Specializing in the mix of music from the Middle East and the West, she also explores katajjak, which immediately interested Roger Sinha who was into throat singing. Her latest album Saimaniq with OktoEcho received the 2018 Prix Opus for album of the year, world music.

We are pleased to announce that an Homage concert series for Katia Makdissi-Warren is taking place at the Society of Contemporary Music of Quebec (SMCQ). Recognized throughout the world, her compositions travel from one orchestra to another, exhibition halls, movies, theatre, and dance!
Out of Bark and Bone will premiere at the AGORA in the winter of 2020, stay tuned!

SMCQ Homage Series
September 27, 2019 > Razzia(s)
November 7 and 21, 2019 > Saimaniq
April 21 and May 16, 2020 > Eldorado
May 20 and 24, 2020 > Patricia Petibon sings Sheherazade

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