THREAD / 2008 / 25 MINUTES

” The contrast between the West and the East is [..] at the heart of Thread, a magnificent duo with Natasha Bakht. […] Slow and graceful, their choreography is an alchemy of two refined styles of movement. “

Lili Marin, Le Devoir, 2008

Following the success of Loha in 2000, Natasha Bakht and Roger Sinha pursued their collaboration. Thread represents the guiding line that connects India’s past and present. Created in India, this creation translates their reflections into movement and is a reaction to the evolution of this monumental country. This is a poetic and streamlined work where tradition and modernity cohabitate through classical Indian dance and contemporary dance to create a dialogue of finesse and fusion.

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About the creators

Roger Sinha

Roger Sinha


Roger Sinha was born in England to an Armenian mother and an Indian father. Roger grew up in Canada where he graduated from the Toronto Dance Theatre, drawing inspiration from his cultural background to develop his unique language of movement and personal choreography. He draws his vocabulary from contemporary dance, martial arts, ballet with subtle hints of Barata-Natyam, Indian dance.  “Sinha is a creative powerhouse whose onstage presence is as generous as it is captivating”- Voir, 1995. See full biography

Natasha Bakht

Natasha Bakht


Natasha Bakht has trained in Bharatanatyam under Dr. Menaka Thakkar of Toronto.  She has danced in the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company performing primarily classical repertoire.  She performed contemporary dance with the Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company in London, England, a renowned company for their avant-garde indian style. Law professor in Ottawa, she also leads an impressive international dance career with complex, refined and exigent solos.



Choreographers / Natasha Bakht and Roger Sinha / Dancers / Natasha Bakht or Ghislaine Doté & Roger Sinha / Composer / Bertrand Chénier / Lighting / Caroline Nadeau / Wardrobe / Marirosa


Sinha Danse thanks the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

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